Euro summit: success or failure?

Let’s start with big things happening internationally which are affecting Spain. Which is it: is the eurozone deal a success or a failure? Compare some current international headlines to headlines in Spain:

- **BBC**: “Eurozone deal reached without UK”;
- **Telegraph**: “Sarkozy blames Cameron for Euro deal failure”;
- **FT**: “Eurozone countries sign up to closer ties”;
- **Al Jazeera**: “Brussels summit rejects EU-wide treaty change”;
- **Guardian**: “UK isolated as eurozone agrees new treaty”;

…and in Spain:

- **El País**: “UK distances itself from reinforced EU agreement”;
- **ABC**: “Euro credibility with capital letters”;
- **El Economista**: “The new EU treaty will only work in 23 countries: UK doesn’t join”;
- **El Mundo**: “EU leaders meet following agreement without UK”;
- **Expansión**: “UK rejects treaty reform, limited to 23 countries”;
- **Libertad Digital**: “Cameron beats Sarkozy”;
- **Público**: “EU gets rid of UK in new austerity treaty”;
- **5 Días**: “Second chance for EU”.