Is Catalonia Spain in Europe?

Jordi Barbeta in La Vanguardia wonders what the clash over €759m of public money between the Spanish government in Madrid and the Catalan government in Barcelona must look like from Europe, and what image they must really have of what is and isn’t ‘Spain’.

[He writes][0001]:

> Salgado is necessarily obliged, by virtue of her post, to govern for the whole of Spain, but she prefers to leave the €759m owed to Catalonia in her assets column at the end of her time as a minister and not in the assets column of the Catalan government, despite the problems this causes. For Europe, the deficit isn’t Catalan or Andalusian, it’s Spanish, but with an extra €759m on her balance sheet, Salgado means to pretend that she is a better administrator and that non-compliance with deficit objectives is, generally, the fault of Spain’s regions. It is frankly pathetic that a deputy prime minister should offload her responsibilities on a lower administrative level like this, but the political charge of her formula cannot go unnoticed. Is it perhaps that, from her point of view, Catalonia is not Spain?