Where am I taking you, loyal reader?

You will have noticed some changes to this blog over the past few weeks and now that I’m back into a regular writing rhythm I’d like to tell you a little bit about what’s next—novels about the future of Spain—and ask you about using this blog to improve your Spanish/English.

We started back before Christmas with the big question over which major topic you wanted me concentrate on—“world news” or “Spain correspondent 2.0”—and most of you voted to have me write much more about Spain.

Then we had to think about how to put that into practice and where to focus our attention with the time I have to write all of this and the time you have to read it. I don’t want to waste my time and I don’t want to waste your time.

It seemed that the sweet spot was “Spain & the World”: how Spain relates to the world and how it is coping with global problems.

It’s difficult to beat the e-mail newsletter format for a round-up of the day’s most interesting news about Spain—to turn every news item into a separate blog comment would take more time than I have each day—so that’s why you’ve been getting The Spanish Challenge over the past few days.

I was inspired by Politico’s Playbook newsletter, which is all about the latest political news & links from Washington DC. I thought that if they can do that successfully for Washington DC, we can enjoy that format for ‘news from Spain’.

Next, I think a strong Daily Comments section—to highlight the more demanding issues and to give us a major daily focal point—complements the selection of stories in the day’s Spanish Challenge newsletter.

The only thing I want to add now are short video comments to introduce each day’s main comment but basically we’re good to go with our regular weekday blogging focus.

Now I want you to think about added value, and I have two ideas I want you to help me with: novels about the future of Spain and using this blog to improve your Spanish/English.

  • Rita

    I think you are doing a great news section, Matt. Congratulations!

  • http://www.matthewbennett.es MatthewBennett

    Thanks, Rita.